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Grindrod Rail Operations & Consultancy Services

The customers’ operational requirements, whether it be on short haul or on mainline operations, are firstly assessed and a test trial completed before commencing a project, using specialist staff (drivers, shunters and artisans), equipment and locomotives.

Services on short-haul / branch lines include: crewing, shunting, inbound and outbound rail management, tippler operations, building of train sets and industrial cleaning of
rolling stock.

On mainline operations, the team reduces logistics costs and improves throughputs by monitoring cargo from origin to destination, coordinating logistics and providing innovative rolling stock solutions. This is evident on the North / South corridor which links the South African ports of Durban and Richards Bay to the copper belt in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Transit times reduced to 6 days in this corridor.

Grindrod Rail Operations

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