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Gear Rail are leaders in railway safety and control solutions in Africa. Gear have identified and developed a unique portfolio of rail technologies that offer customers affordable turnkey solutions to meet their specific railway infrastructure project requirements. Gear’s diverse rail products and partnerships allow them to remain at the forefront of new developments for signalling systems, always with the highest safety levels in mind.

Gear Rail has successfully completed projects for national rail operators, mining groups, rail concessionaires, rail consultants and transport logistics companies.

These projects include:

·      Type-approved electronic trackside signalling solutions.

·      Communications-based train control.

·      Locomotive condition monitoring solutions.

·      Train planning and execution systems.

·      Rail ERP systems to manage and optimise rail operations.

·      Supply chain diagnostics and optimisation for rolling stock and infrastructure spare parts.

·      Consultancy on best practices for maintenance of rolling stock and permanent way.

Gear understands that rail projects in Africa are unique and challenging. Project execution and delivery are essential to their clients. Gear’s commitment to their customer extends beyond typical project execution and includes all phases of the project lifecycle, from project acquisition and inception to post-implementation support (including assisted operations and maintenance). Gear ensures that all of their products and solutions are correctly adopted and utilised by customers to bring significant changes to safety and efficiencies in these organisations.


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