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The facilities are ideally positioned across southern Africa to offer an efficient service to importers and exporters of various commodities. Grindrod has long-standing relationships with the numerous mining houses, commodity traders and large industrial consumers. Having invested in infrastructure and assets required to handle a variety of bulk commodities, Grindrod is able to offer its customers:

·         Storage; (warehousing, open stockpiling and silo storage);

·         Cargo flow management;

·         Ship loading or discharging;

·         Stevedoring;

·         Clearing & forwarding;

·         Stock management & daily reporting and

·         Rail scheduling

The operations have demonstrated further commitment to the provision of a world-class service through the achievement of ISO compliance and the installation of CommTracTM terminal management software. This software has been installed in both the Richards Bay (South Africa) and Maputo (Mozambique) terminal facilities.



Capable of handling various dry-bulk imports and exports, the terminal is located within the main port of Walvis Bay. At present, the handling of coal, copper concentrate, zinc and lead form the majority of the operation; however the terminal has the capacity to handle additional dry-bulk commodities.


Grindrod with RBT Resources have a MoA with Transnet SOC for provision of rail and port services through the Navitrade facility and the dry bulk terminal at Richards bay for the export of coal. The MoA makes provision for the export of 4.5Mt of coal in the first phase followed by a ramp to 20Mtpa dependent on signed up demand in subsequent phases of development.

 Kusasa Terminal has warehousing (60 000m³) and silo capacity predominantly used for heavy minerals (phosphate rock and metal ores). These facilities are also conveyor connected to the port.

Valley Terminal has warehousing capacity of 100 000m³ and is belt connected for imports directly from the Richards Bay Dry-Bulk Terminal (predominantly used for sulphur and other phosphates).

Seamunye Terminal has no direct port connection but offers specialised services including containerisation, bagging and blending for numerous niche dry-bulk commodities.


Grindrod’s Terminal de Carvão da Matola (TCM) operates a dry-bulk terminal in Mozambique which has an export throughput capacity of 7.5 million tonnes, handling magnetite and coal.

Grindrod continues to work closely with Caminhos de Ferro de Mozambique (CFM) and Transnet Freight Rail to create export capacity for both the established and Junior Coal Mining community of southern  Africa.

Furthermore, Grindrod operates a facility in the Maputo main port known as Grindrod Mozambique Limitada (GML), where sized coal destined for the Turkish domestic market and Iron Oxide/Magnetite is exported. GML currently has a throughput capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum.


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