Group sustainability

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 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Grindrod has adopted the GRI framework and guidelines for sustainability reporting in 2005. Grindrod has a selfdeclared B level of GRI application in terms of the extent to which the GRI’s G3.1 guidelines have been adopted in its sustainability reporting.

This represents that Grindrod has provided full disclosure on all the GRI profile disclosure criteria, has provided management approach disclosures for each indicator category and has reported fully on more than 20 Core Performance Indicators (across the prescribed range of indicator categories).

Grindrod’s GRI Content Index can be found on the website

The group sustainability review provides a balanced and reasonable representation of Grindrod’s ESG policies, practices and performance for the financial year ended 31 December 2012, and covers the group company activities around the world, including impacts on communities and the environment.

In the last few years, Grindrod has moved towards a more holistic, integrated and stakeholder-driven approach to managing the ESG and sustainability aspects of its business, in the firm belief that these are inextricably linked to long-term shareholder value.

This approach, which is in line with King III, is best depicted by the international Social Responsibility Standard ISO 26000 framework, illustrated in the diagram below. Grindrod covers, in terms of its management and subsequent reporting, the seven core aspects of good corporate social responsibility as outlined by this standard.