We are one Grindrod, transparent and honest united by a bold purpose and clear strategy. Always solutions-driven, we are committed to ensuring a safe working environment.

We simplify and innovate taking accountability for outcomes. Our immersive approach to our own business and our customers’ makes it possible for Grindrod to deliver its best.

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Our greatest asset is our people.

Our core values underline Grindrod’s zero tolerance for bribery, fraud, extortion and all other forms of corruption. Our Anti-corruption Policy lays down the behavioural standards required to comply with anti-corruption laws and to combat corruption within our business. It also covers the aspects of conflict of interest, gifts and whistle blowing. Our policy has a wide application in order to strengthen our efforts to comply with international best practises in combatting all forms of corruption.

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risk management

We maintain a risk-conscious business culture.

Our risk management processes are designed to identify, quantify, prioritise, respond to and monitor the consequences of both internal and external risks and their associated opportunities. The processes also promote the ownership of risk areas and risk management accountability and are reviewed on a regular basis.

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B-BBEE initiatives facilitate the empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans through implementation of strategies targeting improvement of black business ownership – notably black-women ownership, skills development, preferential procurement practices, support of new and existing black businesses and socio-economic development in surrounding communities.

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View or download the Grindrod South Africa B-BBEE certificate and annexure/s View or download the B-BBEE Compliance Report


Our procurement transactions are conducted with integrity and the highest professional standards. We ensure that we comply with all relevant laws, with company procedures and policies and are respectful of cultural differences wherever in the world we operate.

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As a good corporate citizen, Grindrod ensures that our stakeholder engagement is constructive, interactive and in support of business objectives. We promote stakeholder value creation in the short, medium and long term through sustainable development.