Our vision is for a sustainable future where everyone can live well within the planet’s finite resources.

As part of our commitment towards sustainability, we strive to minimise the impact of our operations on our planet’s natural resources, supporting a regenerative environment.


Minimising the adverse impact of our activities on air, water, land and sea, supporting biodiversity, and protecting our natural resources to counter climate change is essential. We are therefore committed to growing awareness and investing in initiatives to conserve our natural resources, infuse ESG in our strategy, financial planning and operations.

The world faces a significant energy crisis, which has driven the business to transition to a low-carbon future and to focus on delivering green commodities to the market. Access to reliable and safe water is a growing concern. The South African water infrastructure and governance is under severe pressure with water shedding becoming more commonplace.


Grindrod drives a culture of protecting our planet throughout our operations. Initiatives have included beach clean-ups in Nacala, Durban and Richards Bay, the installation of solar energy, the installation of Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) on 17 conveyor belts in Grindrod’s Matola terminal leading to the conservation of energy, air testing in our buildings, and removing unsafe structures such as asbestos tanks. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) and Goal 7 (affordable clean energy, Grindrod is focused on conserving our natural resources.

Our focus is on Health and Safety, Quality, People, Environment, and Communities which forms an inherent component of our business culture and is weaved into our strategy and values and is inherent in our achieving our Purpose to make a positive difference in Africa’s trade with the world, touching lives of the communities in which we operate.

Working towards inclusive social development, we are passionate about developing our people, upskilling local employees in our operations across borders and supporting local communities.


Our people are the heart of our business. They matter and their safety is a priority, always.

We respect their rights, talents and contribution. Everywhere we work, we strive to make a positive difference to our local communities.


Safety is our number one priority. We have zero tolerance for unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the communities in which we operate is of paramount importance to us. We ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all, maintain occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with international standard, ISO 45000:2018 requirements and hold our people accountable for complying with our policies and requirements.

We are guided by applicable legislation, international and national standards, and best practices to ensure solid performances are driven by quality in operations, logistics, and supply chains. We follow ISO 9001, which underpins our health, safety, and environmental objectives.

SHERQ initiatives include:

  • The launching of a safety awareness campaign.
  • SHERQ training and awareness campaign.
  • Road safety campaigns.
  • Community wellness initiatives.
  • Providing opportunities for SHERQ graduates to work in our operations.
  • Introducing a clinic at the head office.

0.5 LTIFR target by 2021 and <0.4 by 2025


Grindrod is committed to transformation across its operations. This inclusive culture based on equity, promotes employee wellbeing, increased productivity, attracts and retains talent. A diversified workforce leads to diversified thinking, which expands options for problem solving, and creates innovative and fit-for-purpose customer solutions.

B-BBEE initiatives facilitates the empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans through implementation of strategies targeting improvement of black business ownership

– notably black-women ownership, skills development, preferential procurement practices, support of new and existing black businesses and socio-economic development in surrounding communities. Diversity, equity and inclusion promotes partnerships and collaboration to collectively address industry challenges and societal problems.

Grindrod partnered with Ntiso Logistics in 2023 to unlock further value in the business.


Our greatest asset is our people. The can-do attitude of Grindrod people motivates us to take on any challenge, exceed expectations and overcome barriers. Together we are a united, agile, enthusiastic force – committed to integrity, fairness, transparency, professionalism, respect for others, accountability for our actions, shared wisdom and a common goal.

Our active commitment to transformation has created a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the demographics of our country. As an extension of this initiative, we prioritise indigenisation in the countries in which we operate. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 4, we place a strong emphasis on skills development, investing significantly in training and upskilling programmes to support our transformation and business goals and ensure the professional and personal advancement of our people.

Training sessions conducted
1 258
Training participants
Participants in our Business Management Development Programme
Youth Employment Service (YES) participants
Internships made available, particularly targeted at African talent

A learning organisation is a prosperous organisation.


Grindrod is committed to touching the lives of the communities in which it operates by combating poverty and hunger, promoting health and well-being, providing clean water and sanitation, decent work, upskilling workers and sponsoring education.

Grindrod has invested in various schools through its association with Adopt-A-School Foundation and has sponsored students to further their studies through the Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust.


Our core values underline Grindrod’s zero tolerance for bribery, fraud, extortion, and all other forms of corruption. Our Anti-corruption policy lays down the behavioural standards required to comply with anti-corruption laws and to combat corruption within our business. It also covers the aspects of conflict of interest, gifts and whistle blowing. Our policy has a wide application in order to strengthen our efforts to comply with international best practices in combatting all forms of corruption.

We maintain a strong culture of ethical conduct and compliance at all levels, earning our customers’ trust by keeping our promises and going above and beyond. Our ability to innovate and maintain long-term thinking results in operational excellence and fast, consistent action.

Good governance is non-negotiable.


Our Board of Directors has established an independent regulatory compliance function to manage our compliance strategy. Sound corporate governance structures, policies and practices ensure that we act responsibly and transparently from an economic, social and environmental perspective, while creating sustainable value for stakeholders.

For more information, please refer to the latest Integrated Annual Report

Report unethical behavior to Deloitte Tip-offs anonymous hotline.

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Risk management

We maintain a risk-conscious business culture.

We maintain a risk-conscious business culture.

Our risk management processes are designed to identify, quantify, prioritise, respond to and monitor the consequences of both internal and external risks and their associated opportunities. The processes also promote the ownership of risk areas and risk management accountability and are reviewed on a regular basis.

We demand honesty and transparency in all our dealings and take personal accountability for outcomes.