Operating roll on/roll off freight vessel on Lake Victoria

Operating roll on/roll off freight vessel on Lake Victoria

Yesterday saw the launch of the M.V. Mpungu - the first roll on / roll off freight vessel - on Lake Victoria.

Commissioned by InfraCo Africa and Grindrod, the 96-metre-long vessel has the capacity to handle up to 1,000 tons of containerised cargo, the equivalent of twenty-one trailers.

Grindrod will operate the EAMT vessel, offering freight carriers access to a safe, scheduled freight service between Uganda and Tanzania. The EAMT vessel will cross the lake in an anticipated time of eighteen hours, compared with the current journey around the lake by congested regional roads which can take between three and four days.

Honoured guest at the launch event, State Minister for Works, Hon. Echwera Musa, began by thanking the young men and women present who built the M.V. Mpungu vessel, “They are our heroes today.” He continued, “…thank you to the people who put the idea together first, the owners of the company, for accepting to come and invest in this part of Africa, and to the designers of the vessel who put this design on paper so that it could be translated into reality. It humbles me.” He thanked the vessel stakeholders for having confidence in Uganda. “I can assure you that your investment is safe. Maritime transport is very delicate, there are so many hurdles to be jumped, we shall help you jump those hurdles. We need vessels to occupy our water bodies, there are many who have showed interest, but you have gone beyond that, by proving a presence. This Lake will be full of reliable vessels in the years to come. I declare M.V. Mpungu officially launched, for God and my country!”

Congratulations to the ship builders, SECO Marine (U) Ltd, an Alpha Group Company, and designers, M/s. S&O Maritime, India and OSK Design.