Engineering News - Port of Maputo outlines 2020 growth vision

The Port of Maputo, in Mozambique, has devised a business strategy to ensure it reaches its target of handling 40-million tons of cargo by the end of 2020, following its success in exceeding 17-million tons in 2013.

In 2012, the port handled 15-million tons, the highest ever achieved in the history of the port. With this new record, the port is on track to meet the target set in its strategic plan for 2020.

To reach its target for 2020, the Port of Maputo will rely on the completion of a range of master plan projects, such as the dredging of the access channel from the current –11 m to –14 m, which will enable larger vessels to access the port. Several minor rehabilitation and construction projects are in progress, such as infrastructure work, including quayside strengthening, warehouses and roads, which will enable the port to meet the ever-increasing demand.

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