Knights in shining armour help damsels in distress

Knights in shining armour help damsels in distress

Picture: From left Marc Phillips, Denzil Paulse and Ryan Jonas.

It was Wednesday afternoon, 19 January 2022, just after 16h30. Denzil Paulse turned left onto the N5 and headed towards Athlone (Cape Town). His colleagues, Mark Phillips and Ryan Jonas, were also in the car.

As they turned onto the highway, they noticed a car on the side of the road. The driver and five passengers stood stranded beside the vehicle.

They were clearly in need of assistance, but cars passed by without stopping. 
Without hesitation, Denzil and his colleagues Mark and Ryan stopped to see if they could assist. The gentlemen quickly changed the flat tire, and the ladies were soon on their way. 

Their chivalry and kindness did not go unnoticed.   The driver, Kim Highfield, CEO and founder of the NPO organisation Out of Africa Children’s Foundation, wrote to Grindrod to commend her ‘knights in shining armour’ (her words) and to thank the gentlemen for coming to their rescue. 
This is an excellent example of the calibre of people working for Grindrod. Well done to Denzil, Mark and Ryan for being wonderful brand ambassadors. 

More about Out of Africa’s Children’s Foundation. The organisation has been operating for 11 years, helping provide transport to less fortunate families around South Africa, specifically Cape Town, to get medical attention. In addition, international volunteers provide more helping hands towards our projects in Atlantis, Langa, Khayelitsha & Faure.